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How to choose a school drinking fountain

Views : 0 Update time : 2022-01-13 14:42:05 Children are the future of the motherland. Children who grow up in the capital are happier. The country attaches great importance to the drinking water of students. Every semester, the school will take water samples from the school drinking fountains and submit them for inspection. , will definitely require the school to rectify. First of all, when purchasing, the school must choose a professional manufacturer, which serves many school customers, so that they have more experience and understand the requirements of the Education Commission for school drinking fountains. And it can be customized according to the existing situation and requirements of the school to avoid regrets.

The school drinking fountains in kindergartens must have cartoon patterns, which are required to be formed at one time, and have no edges and corners. This ensures the safety of the children. And only warm water must not scald children, and the temperature can be adjusted in different seasons at 30-50 °C. In order for children to take in more trace elements in the water, it is required to use nano-filters for purification. Warm water uses heat exchange technology to turn boiling water into warm water, which is both healthy and energy-saving. Is it very thoughtful for the children to take the test?How do primary schools choose school drinking fountains?The school drinking fountains used by primary school students are generally placed in the corridor, and new schools will have independent drinking rooms. In order to facilitate the sharing of teachers and students, we choose to have a drinking water table with a boiling water outlet for school use. In order not to scald the students, a safety lock for swiping a card to discharge water will be installed at the water outlet of the boiling water, so that the teacher can only get the boiled water with a card, and primary school students can only open it. Faucet for warm water. Configure a certain number of water outlets according to the site location and the number of people drinking water. It should be noted here that the height difference between primary school students in the lower grades and the upper grades must be considered, and the filter must be tested to the height of the school drinking fountain. . Isn't this design perfect?

If junior and senior schools choose school drinking fountains?

There will be resident students in junior and senior high schools. If it is installed in the teaching building, it is necessary to choose multiple faucets first. Junior and senior high school students have safety awareness. tower. If it is installed in the dormitory, it is necessary to choose a school drinking fountain that matches the number of people who use it. If it is small, it is not enough, and if it is large, it wastes electricity. Also test whether the filtered water and washing are mixed? If it is mixed, it is not recommended to choose a school drinking fountain with nanofiltration or reverse osmosis purification. Frequent replacement of filter elements in this school is also a large expenditure for the school. Or separate drinking and washing to avoid waste. Is this design environmentally friendly?

How do colleges choose school drinking fountains?First of all, the test filter is the installation location. In addition to teaching schools and dormitories, colleges and universities also have many activity centers. Libraries should be selected according to different usage environments. For example, in some graduate schools or international colleges, there is a single, double, and triple dormitory with a school drinking fountain. It is necessary to choose a wall-mounted or desktop drinking fountain that is suitable for three people or less. Colleges and universities can also choose to cooperate with manufacturers in the "BOT" mode, so that colleges and universities save the cost of purchasing school drinking fountains (which is a lot of money). ,Install. Students pay for water, and manufacturers recover costs through water bills. The manufacturer is responsible for maintaining the school to supervise. In this way, the school can improve its image and improve students' drinking water without investment. Because students pay to fetch water, it will also reduce waste. Is this collaboration more innovative?