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Three ways to get the water purifier selection

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With the continuous expansion of industrialization and industrialization, pollution problems have also begun to intensify, and drinking water is the first to bear the brunt. Drinking water is often plagued by problems such as secondary water supply and aging pipelines. Many people can't help but ask: water must be drunk every day. How can we improve the quality of drinking water?

For the current stage, a relatively scientific and effective method is to use a water purifier to allow your family and yourself to drink safe and healthy water.

But the water purifier brands are dazzling, and the water purification technology also has its own merits. When you are choosing, you should keep your eyes open. Xiaohang is here to discuss with you how to choose the right water purifier for you.

First look at "Technology"

At present, there are three mainstream water purification technologies for water purifiers on the market, UV technology, RO reverse osmosis technology, and ultrafiltration membrane technology.

UV technology

"Ultraviolet technology" kills bacteria through ultraviolet irradiation. It uses physical principles to sterilize and has high sterilization efficiency. However, the killed bacteria and viruses may still exist in the water, which is easy to form allergens and cause allergic reactions. In addition, the UV lamp is a vulnerable part. When the life expectancy, power failure, or failure occurs, the water purifier has the risk of exceeding the standard of microorganisms, and the water purifier cannot play the role of water purification and sterilization.

Ultrafiltration membrane technology

Ultrafiltration membrane is a microporous filtration membrane with a pore size of 0.01 microns. Under a certain small pressure, the ultrafiltration membrane only allows water and small molecular substances to pass through, retaining the beneficial minerals and trace elements in the water, and at the same time retaining bacteria and larger particles to achieve the effect of water purification. However, there are many kinds of ultrafiltration membrane materials, and the selection of high-quality ultrafiltration membranes can better achieve the effect of water purification.

RO reverse osmosis technology

"RO reverse osmosis technology" relies on electricity and pressure to pass through a reverse osmosis membrane with a pore size of 0.0001 microns to prevent almost all pollutants in the water from passing through, including minerals that are beneficial to the human body, and filter out pure water, which is generally used for Manufacture of large-scale industrial ultrapure water and medical ultrapure water. Reverse osmosis technology will discharge a large proportion of wastewater, and the filtration flow is small, which is prone to blockage. And when the power is off, the filtering function is lost.

Through the analysis of water purification technology, it is recommended to choose a safe and healthy water purification technology according to your own situation.

Second look at "water quality certification"
Generally speaking, the standard for judging whether the water quality of the water purifier meets the standard is: whether the water filtered by the water purifier meets the national drinking water standard and whether it has obtained a higher standard of water quality certification.

AICKSN water purifier adopts international leading water purification technology: ATS activated carbon, PCB composite filter, ultrafiltration membrane filter, reverse osmosis membrane filter and other multiple filtration, which can effectively remove various impurities harmful to human body (such as sediment, red worms, rust), residual chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, etc., and filter out the pure water.

The water quality of AICKSN water purifier not only passes the national drinking water quality standards, but also has been verified by the authoritative testing agency SGS, and also meets the EU drinking water standards. The EU drinking water standards are notoriously strict in the world.

The third look at "brand reputation"
View the inspection results of the AQSIQ on water purification enterprises, user feedback evaluation, etc.

Since its establishment in 2008, AICKSN water purifier has been recognized and loved by customers.